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Kathy Lin

Director of Operations

Kathy grew up in Columbus, Ohio and started playing chess around 5 or 6 years old. Her father taught her the game and encouraged her and her sister to play in tournaments. Kathy played in various tournaments in late-elementary and middle school, befriending students from other schools along the way, including Seth.

She stopped playing in High School but picked it up again when she became a math teacher in San Antonio and started a chess club there in 2010. The students in this club changed the course of her life, and she knew chess would always play a large role in whatever she did in the future.

In 2013, Kathy and her husband returned to Columbus. She currently works as a math teacher at The Wellington School, where she runs a chess club. She also is the Vice President of the Ohio Chess Association, treasurer of the Ohio Scholastic Chess Association, and a Senior Tournament Director. She has directed tournaments (TD’ed) at national events and has taken her students to various local, state, and national tournaments.

Kathy firmly believes in the positive impact of chess on students and is dedicated to encouraging young players to explore the game.

Kathy Lin
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