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Sneha Prabu

Board Member

Sneha started playing chess in Kindergarten and has loved the game ever since! She has competed in more than 100 tournaments including National, State, and World Open competitions, and has directed some tournaments herself!

She has won numerous trophies and cash prizes, and has a peak rating of 1877. She represented Ohio at the Susan Polgar Invitational, tied Runner-Up for the All Girls K-12 National Championships in 2022, and represented The Ohio State University at the 2024 Pan-American Intercollegiate National Championships. Sneha is ranked in the top 7% of all US players, in the top 3% of all US female players, and continues to improve her game every day! She has extensive experience coaching kids in chess, including her collaborative work with Coach Bill @Deltaworks and with the Columbus Metropolitan Library's Chess Club! Sneha believes that chess is a competitive sport, and that it helps one develop as a person too - grit, perseverance, and determination are just some of the life skills chess teaches us!

Sneha Prabu
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