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2024 Clinton Scholastic

2024 Clinton Scholastic

Clinton Scholastic Chess Tournament

Saturday, February 3rd, 2024

Clinton Elementary School

10 Clinton Heights, Columbus OH, 43202

Organizer: The Columbus Chess Academy with collaboration with Clinton Elementary

Contact: Kathy Lin, 614-746-7682, 


K-3 Non-Rated: Includes all nonrated players in grades K-3   

4-6 Non-Rated: Includes all nonrated players in grades 4-6                        

Reserve (K-12, U500): Grades K-12 with ratings below 500

Premier (K-12, U1000): Grades K-12 with ratings below 1000

Championship (K-12, Open): Includes top rated players from all grade levels


NOTE: Players with more than 10 rated games are not eligible for the non-rated sections. Players in the rated sections must be registered with  before the tournament. Live ratings will be used. Sections may change if there are too few participants in any section. If this happens, you will be notified. Two half-point byes may be requested before the start of round 2.



K-3 Nonrated, 4-6 Nonrated, Reserve, and Premier: 5 Round Swiss, G30;d5

Championship: 4 Round Swiss: G45;d5

Students play all rounds; no elimination. Unrated players may choose any appropriate section.

In non-rated games, notation is not required and clocks are not required but may be used if both players agree. In rated sections, notation is optional for grade K-3 players in the Reserve section, but a player will lose the right to make claims requiring a score sheet; notation is required for all other rated players. Clocks will be used in all sections with games reaching the time limit. Rated players should bring their own clocks. Sets will be provided for all sections.



8:30 – 8:45: Self-check-in. No section changes after 8:45 AM

8:50 – 8:55: Announcements

9:00: Round 1

Subsequent rounds will start once everyone in the section finishes. Players are scheduled to play all five rounds (no elimination). Awards will be conducted as sections finish.



Register at $30 for all registrations until January 27th; thereafter $35 registration fee until 6 PM February 2nd.  Discounted entry fee for students with financial need are available. USCF discounted membership are available for $13 for new or expired members. Please contact Kathy for more information about discounted entry fees and memberships. Refunds for withdrawals with $5 administrative fee will be given if requested by 6 PM, February 2nd.  No refunds thereafter. To register by mail: Print fill out information below and mail to Kathy Lin.



Trophies to all players achieving a score of 3.5 points or higher. Trophies to top 3 teams (school only) in each section (top 4 scores count for team). Every participant will receive either a keychain or participation medal.



Concessions will be available on-site for purchase (cash only).



Clinton Elementary is located at 10 Clinton Heights, Columbus OH, 43202. Please park in the parking lot off of East North Broadway or on the street. 

Clinton Elementary School

Clinton Elementary School, 10 Clinton Heights Avenue, Columbus, OH 43202, USA


Thank you for registering!



Thank you for registering!


If you do not have a team, but would like to be assigned to a team when a spot becomes available, please fill out the Individual Registration form. If you already have a team, have your TEAM CAPTAIN fill out the Team Registration. Other members of the team do not have to submit a registration.

Individual Registration (Not part of a team)

Thanks for registering. We will notify you when a team is assigned.

Team Registration (Only the Captain should register)

Team Name
Player 1 (Team Captain)
Player 2
Player 3
Player 4
Alternate Player

Thank you for registering!


Thank you for registering!

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