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2024 Ohio Chess Congress

2024 Ohio Chess Congress

79th Ohio Chess Congress

August 30th – September 1st 2024
Cherry Valley Hotel

2299 Cherry Valley Rd SE, Newark, OH

Hotel Rate: $135 per night; Call (740) 788-1200; Ask for the “Chess Rate"

Must reserve by August 12th 2024 to guarantee the Chess Rate

Ohio resident with the highest score in the Open section will be crowned the Ohio State Champion.

$10,000 based 140 paid entries

2 or 3 Day Options: Open (FIDE Rated), U2200, U1900, U1600, U1300

Open Section (FIDE Rated): $1500-800-500-300 (Open prizes guaranteed)

Under 2200: $1000-700-400

Under 1900: $800-500-300 

Under 1600: $800-500-300

Under 1300: $800-500-300, top Under 1000: $200

Entry Fee for all sections: $120 by August 18th, $130 at site or online.

GM, IM, WGM, WIM free; entry fee will be deducted from the prize.

5 Round Swiss

3-Day Schedule: Registration ends 6:30 PM Friday, August 30th 

Time Control for all Rounds: G90+30

Friday: 7 PM

Saturday: 10 AM, 4 PM

Sunday: 10 AM, 4 PM

2-Day Schedule: Registration ends 9:30 AM Saturday, August 31st

Time Control for Rounds 1-2: G60+10, Rounds 3-5: G90+30

Saturday: 10 AM, 1 PM, 4 PM

Sunday: 10 AM, 4 PM


Bring sets and clocks, none provided though there will be a few on sale at site

August official US Chess ratings used. Unofficial ratings used if otherwise unrated. Players must reveal foreign, FIDE and other over the board ratings, and these ratings, adjusted, if necessary, may be used, if higher than US Chess ratings. Notation required in all sections. Only US Chess approved electronic score sheets allowed. 

Unrated Players: Unrated players may win no more than 50% of any prize except Open Section. If this happens, the remaining amount of the unrated players’ prize will go to the players in the next score group of the section.

Reentry: $40, not available in Open Section or players in 2-day schedule. 

Byes: Half point bye okay, limit 1, must be requested before Round 2 pairings are posted. Discounted entry fee available to players in financial need. 

Doubles Bonus Prize: $200-100. Best male/female or female/female 2-player “team” combined score among all sections. Must average under 2200; may play in different sections. Register by 5 PM Saturday, August 31st. Prize limits do not apply to Doubles Bonus Prize. No additional fee to register.

Trophies (tiebreaks will apply to highest score group):

Top Senior (50 or older) in each section 

Top Under 10 in each section

Top Female in each section

Side Events

Friday Rapid Quads

August 30th

Entry Fee: $10, winner gets $30


Time Control: G/10+5

Onsite registration from 3 PM - 3:45 PM

First round at 4 PM

Saturday Blitz Tournament 

August 31st

Entry Fee: $20


Time Control: G/3+2

Onsite registration from 6 PM - 8:15 PM

First round at 8:30 PM

Contact: Kathy Lin, 614-746-7682, 

Cherry Valley Hotel

2299 Cherry Valley Rd SE, Newark, OH, USA


Thank you for registering!



Thank you for registering!


If you do not have a team, but would like to be assigned to a team when a spot becomes available, please fill out the Individual Registration form. If you already have a team, have your TEAM CAPTAIN fill out the Team Registration. Other members of the team do not have to submit a registration.

Individual Registration (Not part of a team)

Thanks for registering. We will notify you when a team is assigned.

Team Registration (Only the Captain should register)

Team Name
Player 1 (Team Captain)
Player 2
Player 3
Player 4
Alternate Player

Thank you for registering!


Thank you for registering!

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